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Liquid Stocks from NASDAQ 100
Solid strategy

Trade long and short positions online to take advantage on bull or bear markets.
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Swing Trading System!

Technical analysis combined with price range values enable us to create a powerful and impartial signal that has been generating substantial profits since year 2010 .It was created for those people who wish to invest in a simple, dependable, stable and profitable stock strategy. We understand that the market is not easy, and that success depends on making the right decisions. Therefore, we believe that only through a responsible and mechanical investment strategy we will be able to achieve the expected goals.

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Trade the second exchange in the world

NASDAQ the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations is an American stock market that handles electronic securities trading around the world. You can trade the NASDAQ online from any country in the world trough many platform's brokers.

Online Trading

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StockTradeHome Strategy Highlights


Solid Results

The strategy has been consistent since inception, Up to 2200% in cumulative profits since 2010


Customer Support 24/7

Our Customer support team provides fast, detailed responses to your questions 24 hours a day


Specific Price

Use a limit or stop limit order to buy or sell the stock at a specific price (entry or stop loss) we provide.


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